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The Deal

Here's The Deal:

Works on this website identified as being licensed under a Creative Commons license are released essentially for free on the internet, provided the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License is observed. But we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. Music isn't free, because it costs time, effort, and money to produce. And even though Blitch Bango released this fully aware that it is no cost to you, the listener and/or fan, Blitch Bango still needs your support to keep creating the music you enjoy.

How You Can Support Blitch Bango:

If you really like the music presented under Creative Commons licensing, Blitch Bango asks that you show your appreciation by supporting them:

  1. Buy Blitch Bango's music - you can do this by navigating to the Music link on the Blitch Bango web page, clicking on a specifc music release, then clicking on the "Buy this recording" link. That will direct you to a web page where you can purchase from one of the online retailers.
  2. Buy other stuff - sometimes Blitch Bango has other stuff available at shows, like T-shirts. We're working on getting this stuff available on the Blitch Bango web page.
  3. Come see Blitch Bango perform live - sure, the shows may be rare, but they occasionally happen. For show dates, check the calendar by navigating to the Calendar link on the Blitch Bango web page.
  4. Get on the e-mailing list - you can do this by navigating to the Contact link on the Blitch Bangoweb page, enter in the fields provided your name, email, and a note telling us you want to be on the e-mailing list.
  5. Tell your friends - when more people support Blitch Bango, more Blitch Bango music is possible.


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