Blitch Bango

Love Songs for Cheap Women
(and Condescending Men)


Love Songs for Cheap Women
(and Condescending Men)
is a collection of post-punk songs exploring the complex (or not so much) nuances of modern relationships.

Song Notes - Background behind the recordings.

Liner Notes - Production info.

Release date: March 2018

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1. Cocktails at Ten
2. I Can't Get Over the Fact
3. An Hour's Worth of Love
4. Excess Emotions
5. Rebound Girl
6. Away From That Girl
7. I Can't Stomach Your Love
8. Anytime Soon
9. You Make Me Laugh
10. A Perfect Girl
11. I've Got My Eye On You
12. Impossible Odds
13. Nooner
14. I'm All You've Got Tonight
15. I Know How It Feels
16. She's Looking My Way
17. She's Got a Lot to Learn
18. That's When I Knew
19. Apr├Ęs Un Regard
20. I'm A King
21. Take
22. You're Gonna Lose That Girl
23. What'd I Do
24. You Should Have Known Better
25. She's the One For Me
26. Stale Sheets