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Podcast Music


Podcast Music is a collection of six releases (The CLEARANCE, The Quint-Essential, The 33 1/3% More, The Jumbo, The New, and The Improved) - over three hours (!) of podsafe backing music used in the Matt Brauer podcasts.

All songs below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. For detailed restrictions and information, visit the Copyright page.

Song Notes - Background behind the recordings (and why they are listed as The CLEARANCE, The Quint-Essential, The 33 1/3% More, The Jumbo, The New, and The Improved).

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56. Apocalypse!
57. Death of a French Fry
58. An Examination on Being Late
59. I Have a Secret
60. aterialism
61. Medicine Stupid
62. Monday Morning Irritations
63. The Most Dangerous Things I Do
64. Questions From a TV Owner
65. Signs You Are a Workaholic
66. The Top Seven Worthless Jobs

The Quint-Essential:
45. Cell Phone Follies
46. How to Fix Mistakes, Pt. 3
47. The Joys of Working When Extremely Tired
48. Matt's Self-Help Guide
49. Miscrimination
50. My Battles With Addiction
51. Resolving Office Conflicts
52. Signs of the Decline of Civilization at Lunchtime
53. Snow Day
54. Things I Have No Time For
55. Unnatural Aspects of Work

The 33 1/3% More:
34. Attack of the Killer Hot Dog
35. The Decade of Blamethrowing
36. Five People You Meet in Hell
37. A Hand-Made Invitation
38. Is Honesty the Best Policy?
39. Last Trip to Chickenland
40. Managing Interruptions
41. Mood Eating
42. Obvious Benefits of Meditation
43. PANdemIC!
44. Seven Things Never to Say to Your Boss

The Jumbo:
23. Black Friday Journal
24. Death, Taxes, and Prepackaged Gifts
25. How Not To Be A Bore
26. How To Fix Mistakes, Pt. 2
27. I've Changed My Mind
28. Matt The Plumber
29. Optimism For The Greedy Executive
30. Restaurant Seating Follies
31. Rewriting The Illinois Constitution
32. Signs Your Job Is Doomed
33. Thanksgiving Parade (Of Excuses)

The New:
12. Extreme Frugality
13. Going Green
14. Golden Parachutes, Pt. 2
15. How To Fix Meetings
16. How To Fix Mistakes, Pt. 1
17. The National Minister Of Culture
18. The Shrinkening
19. Staying Connected
20. Stranded In Hawaii
21. Unqualified To Volunteer
22. We Need More Holidays

The Improved:
1. A Correction
2. Five Less Obvious Signs You Hate Your Job
3. Golden Parachutes, Pt. 1
4. The Hooky Emotion
5. I Annoy Myself
6. My Government Bailout
7. Reality (Sans) TV
8. Stress Management
9. Techno Lazy
10. Thanks!
11. Why I Am Not A Politician